Digital Communication Skills for Today's Teenagers by PowerupTeens

Digital Communication Skills for Today's Teenagers

With this course, your teen will become more comfortable communicating with other students and building relationships in today's world.


In today's world, it's impossible to fit in with other teenagers without a solid understanding of digital communication norms. Unfortunately, this area of soft skills is often neglected, even though autistic teenagers almost always struggle with it.

This course is like a manual for digital communication. Access is unlimited for you, your teenager, and anyone else in your family. Use on any device, whenever you want.

Each of the 7 lessons comes with the following:

  • An informative lesson video: one version with symbols, another version without
  • An extensive lesson guide: one version for viewing on desktop, one for smartphones, and another for printing on 8.5x11 paper at home

To learn more about the videos and guides for each lesson, watch the course rubric video below underneath "Contents".

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What's included?

Video Icon 15 videos File Icon 21 files Text Icon 1 text file


Course Rubric
3 mins
README: How to use this course
Lesson 1: When can you ask someone for their contact info?
Lesson 1 Video
3 mins
Lesson 1 Video with symbols
3 mins
Lesson 1 Guide- smartphones
1.06 MB
Lesson 1 Guide- computer and tablet
1.22 MB
Lesson 1 Guide- printable
1.43 MB
Lesson 2: Getting someone's contact info onto your phone
Lesson 2 Video
3 mins
Lesson 2 Video with symbols
3 mins
Lesson 2 Guide- smartphones
656 KB
Lesson 2 Guide- computer and tablets
1.34 MB
Lesson 2 Guide- printable
2.3 MB
Lesson 3: How to message someone you want to hang out with
Lesson 3 Video
4 mins
Lesson 3 Video with symbols
4 mins
Lesson 3 Guide- smartphones
1.19 MB
Lesson 3 Guide- computer and tablets
1.58 MB
Lesson 3 Guide- printable
4.76 MB
Lesson 4: Messaging people without being annoying
Lesson 4 Video
3 mins
Lesson 4 Video with symbols
3 mins
Lesson 4 Guide- computer and tablets
795 KB
Lesson 4 Guide- smartphones
439 KB
Lesson 4 Guide- printable
910 KB
Lesson 5: How you should react if someone isn't responding to your messages
Lesson 5 Video
4 mins
Lesson 5 Video with symbols
4 mins
Lesson 5 Guide- smartphones
812 KB
Lesson 5 Guide- computer and tablets
1.51 MB
Lesson 5 Guide- printable
2.98 MB
Lesson 6: Effective messaging: Getting the outcome you want from your conversations
Lesson 6 Video with narration
4 mins
Lesson 6 Video without narration
4 mins
Lesson 6 Guide- smartphones
866 KB
Lesson 6 Guide- computer and tablets
1.72 MB
Lesson 6 Guide- printable
2.76 MB
Lesson 7: How you should message on different types of social media apps
Lesson 7 Video with narration
3 mins
Lesson 7 Video without narration
3 mins
Lesson 7 Guide- smartphones
1.03 MB
Lesson 7 Guide- computer and tablets
3 MB
Lesson 7 Guide- printable
4.55 MB

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